Coming Up For Air

5 September 2002
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Coming Up For Air

On 16th October 2001 at the John Henry rehearsal complex in North London, Andy, Mark, Steve and Loz all turned up, set-up, plugged-in and put together about an hour’s worth of unrehearsed sonic jamming to accompany the Channel 4′s Sonic Youth Pioneers programme. As part of the idea for the show, the producer had asked Mark and Andy to play 10-15 minutes of guitar-based feedback which they wanted to film and use as a backdrop to the programme. It was Andy’s idea that if he and Mark were going to get together to talk about Sonic Youth’s influence on Ride then any “performance” to accompany the programme should feature all 4 ex-Ride members. Mark flew in from France for the day, Andy delayed his return to Sweden after the Oasis tour for a day and both Loz and Steve managed to juggle their existing commitments to make way for the day’s filming. Everyone arrived about 11 and everything was set-up and ready to roll about Midday. Once the TV people had sorted their sound and camera positions out, the band started to work on a loose jam that they’d put together on the spot. It was a simple recording – one stereo mic for the drums, one bass mic and one each for Andy’s and Mark’s guitars. No vocals. The session was recorded.

A section of this session was mixed and released as the limited edition (1000 copies) Coming Up For Air CD EP in 2002.

The Pioneers programme was broadcast on Channel4 on 05/12/01.

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