Fall EP

17 September 1990
Creation Records
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Fall EP

The tracks from the Fall EP and the Nowhere LP were all recorded in sessions at Blackwing Studios over the summer of 1990 and were always intended to complement each other. They shared one track (Dreams Burn Down) and the other 3 EP tracks were added to the CD release of Nowhere in the UK originally as “bonus tracks”. When Nowhere was released in North America and Japan, the 11 track version became the default.

The EP’s lead track Taste took the Fall EP to number 34 in the UK charts and scored the band’s first daytime Radio One play on Steve Wright’s afternoon show. It turned out to be a solitary spin but the video was shown over the credits on Top of the Pops that week thereby winning me a bet I’d made with a friend on New Year’s Eve 1989 that Ride would be on Top of the Pops before the year was out. (I never did collect that fiver though!).



recorded at Blackwing studios, London by Marc Waterman
mixed at Swanyard Studios, London by Alan Moulder
penguins by tara

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