Play EP

2 April 1990
Creation Records
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Play EP

The Play EP was Ride’s first Top 40 hit and the highest new entry in that week’s chart (crashing in at 32). However this wasn’t enough for Radio One’s playlist overlords or for the Top of the Pops decision-makers and so the EP’s lead track Like A Daydream only received airplay on Peel’s late night show and MTV’s 120 Minutes slots. Still, the celebratory gig at London’s ULU with 5000 daffodils raining down on the crowd at the end was a great way to start the sold out UK tour that wrapped up in the middle of May with two hometown shows in Oxford – one of which being the first gig at the Town Hall for almost 20 years.

The Play EP was combined with the Ride EP for release in North America in autumn 1990 as the Smile mini album prior to Nowhere’s release there in December 1990. Smile was then released in Japan and Australia early in 1991 following on from the success of Nowhere in those countries. Smile was finally given a UK and European release in 1992 as both the Ride EP and the Play EP were then unavailable as individual releases.


recorded and mixed at Blackwing Studios, London by Ken
Like a Daydream remixed at Matrix Studios, London by Alan Moulder
daffodils by lou

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