13 April 1992
Creation (UK), Sire (ROW)
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This was the second single released from Going Blank Again and the band’s fifth consecutive top 40 hit in the UK.

The video was intended to be a pastiche of a clip of The Who performing I Can’t Explain but it didn’t quite work out as intended!

Still daytime play on Radio One was proving difficult to secure although a coordinated telephone voting campaign did mange to secure a Breakfast Show Record Of The Week which not doubt helped the single to its number 36 position.

The three additional non-album tracks (confusingly including the track Going Blank Again itself) were all recorded in the same sessions as the album and were later added as bonus tracks to the album in each edition from 2001 onwards.


Recorded at Chipping Norton Recording Studios by Alan Moulder and at Black Barn Studios, Ripley by Matt Oliver. Mixed at The Church, London by Alan Moulder, assisted by Dick.

Produced by Alan Moulder and Ride.

Cover photo by Jock Sturges.

The Leave Them All Behind and Twisterella EPs were compiled together on the Japanese-only release, Grasshopper.

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