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Welcome to the new Ride website – the new destination for all official things Ride.

Here you can delve deep into the archives – photos, press, videos, audio, downloads, T-shirts, stories – and add your own thoughts, comments, photos, images and stories into the mix.

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are ride gonna get back gigging?

Nice band

Is the Nowhere 20th anniversary available anywhere?.

    Hi Darren
    If you click on the 2011 tab on the Nowhere page in the Discography section then you’ll see links for both the 2xCD Rhino and the LP that take you to the Rhino online shop. I am trying to get some stock from Rhino over to the UK so that we can sell it via the shop on this site but I’ve not had much luck in getting a price out of them that makes sense.

Brilliant band! Thanks for doing it!

Nice job, Dave and all who helped! The new site is fantastic, and short of a time machine or new gigs, the best a fan could hope for.


Just heard Sennen. Incredible. Please tour again Ride!

Fantastic to have a site like this.
Just ordered some CDs to Australia (you wouldn’t believe how hard Ride CDs are to get here).

i’m a fan from China, love this band, heart and soul


So, I’m guessing the releases (GBA, COL) are the latest (remastered) versions. Yes?

    yes, Sebastian
    all the catalogue albums were remastered in 2001 at Abbey Road when they were reissued on Ignition Records. It is these same remasters that are available now through Ride Music.
    We’re currently working on remastering all the “other” tracks that haven’t been available since their original release (ie. the EP tracks that haven’t been added to any of the album tracklistings, tracks that appeared on compilation albums, and tracks that were cover-mounted on various magazines back in the day.
    news soon…

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