What Should I Do On Leg Day At The Gym

What Should I Do On Leg Day At The Gym

There are very many leg exercises that you can engage in on your leg day at the gym, especially if you are more interested in getting crafty with the equipment at the gym. However, not all exercises will help you build up that healthy muscle you are looking for. Here are some practices that will make your day at the gym yield results first and effectively.

Walking lunge


Waling lunges play a vital role when it comes to leg workouts. Not only do they activate your hamstrings, calves, and quads, but they increase the rate of your heartbeat also, which is relevant for enhancing one’s cardiovascular health. For your lunges to be more productive, you should add some dumbbells. You should do at least three sets of about eight to twelve reps each. click for more info on this topic.

Bulgarian split squats

Bulgarian splits are the ideal leg destroyers when it comes to leg workouts. One should do three sets on a leg day at the gym, each of ten reps on each leg.

These squats target every part of the leg, and they go a long way in ensuring that your leg muscles are strong. To avoid hurting yourself when exercising, it’s essential to maintain the required distance between your foot front and the bench.

Single-leg deadlift

Single-leg deadlifts are the stellar gym day exercises, and they go a long way in maintaining one’s strength routine, especially for runners.


This exercise strengthens one’s hamstrings, lower back, and glutes. It also improves core strength, balance, hip mobility, as well as bilateral imbalances.

You should be very careful when doing single-leg deadlifts since one mistake can be hazardous. Its recommended that a person does three sets of about twelve reps on each leg.

Leg workouts should be done regularly and by the plan stipulated by your trainer. Also, make sure to incorporate the correct diet for perfect muscle development and personal health.