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Are you a follower of Ride, that British rock band that was formed in 1988 and popularized the shoegazing genre? Well, we are well aware that the band has actually broken up years ago. But this website is a tribute to this amazing band and their brand of music.

You see, Ride has made possible the rise of shoegazing — that kind of music that fuses indie and alternative rock. What makes shoegazing wonderful to fans like us is its unique mixture of vocals, equipment or guitar distortion and other effects. In fact, shoegazing has become popular not just in the United Kingdom, where Ride has originated, but has extended beyond the British borders into the United States and other parts of the world.

Andy Bel

Lead Singer

Mark Gardener

Singer &

Loz Colbert


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I, myself, have been very much inspired by the music of Ride to the point that I transformed my garage, with the help of A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee, into a studio, with a black garage door. In this studio, I have been making my own music with my friends and bandmates that were all inspired by the albums that were previously released by Ride.

In fact, we have realized that it is not only us, there are also several indie and alternative rock bands that have been following Ride and continue to produce similar types of music, including fans themselves who love listening to their albums and to new bands producing the same type of music. It is for this reason that we have created this website.

In this website, we offer the following:

Ride music and Ride-inspired music

Are you interested to listen to Ride music and to similar types of music that were made by bands like us as well as others? If yes, then simply go to our music database and stream all the music that we have available here. It is advisable for you to create your own account so that you can make your own playlists and albums and simply stream to your hearts content. We are very happy that you are actually here and have shown your interest in Ride music. For those who have never heard of Ride music before, feel free to access the music we have here. We hope to convert you to being their fan.

Ride news and updates

As fans, we like to update ourselves on what the previous members of Ride are doing these days and if ever there’s any chance of a reunion concert, or at the very least, a chance of them working on their own types of music. All of these information are posted here to share with all you Ride fans.

Ride Merchandise

If you are a fan or simply like Ride music, you want to keep this website going, right? Well, we do hope that you do. In order to do that, please feel free to purchase any of the merchandise that we have available here so that we can continue to exist. All proceeds from the sale of our merchandise go to the maintenance of this website.

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