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Rob, 42

I like to reminisce the good old days when Ride was still producing a lot of really good music. I was a new college graduate then and I definitely could relate to their music, including their sound and angsts. In fact, Ride Music has become my anthem. Thank goodness for this website, now I will be able to share with my children the music that I loved when I was younger. It is definitely a good thing that you created this.

Sharon, 35

I totally agree with you Rob in the way that you foresee the use of this website. I am also totally looking forward in using this website for my kids as well. At the same time, I love using this as a way of reminiscing my teenage years. I hope that this website will continue to live on. Let’s buy their merchandise because it is a way of supporting this website.

Rick, 40

This website is amazing. In fact, I uploaded here some of the music that we have done before in order to show the world how much we were inspired by Ride music. I hope that you will also get to listen to it. Feel free to let me know if you think our music is just crap, haha. I will use your feedback to improve of course.

Sharon, 35

Is your music the one labeled Ricky Joe? Let me tell you that I love it. Please upload more.