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Virtual Greyhound – pros and cons

You probably have noticed how virtual games became super popular in the last several years, especially those based on racing. And virtual greyhound, in particular, is what’s keeping so many players all around the world on the edges of their nerves. It sounds silly, we agree, but the excitement these types of races bring is simply incredible, and you will soon find out why. Just visit MerkurXtip, and you will see how many races of this kind are going on at this very moment.

What’s greyhound racing?

Greyhound racing is a sports category where six virtual, computer-generated dogs participate. They run around the oval track, and the one who first passes the finish line is the absolute winner. Now, everything is just a game of luck given that the random number generator decides who the winner will be, but the whole animation is there to keep the viewers stimulated and with a feeling of authenticity and realness of the race.

Virtual greyhound pros

There are several great things about virtual greyhound racing that will explain why this game has more and more fans each day. One of them lies in the fact that greyhound races are very fast, which is ideal for players who don’t have much patience and want to place a new bet every couple of minutes. On average, you will be able to watch between 25 and 30 races within one hour.

Then, there is this thing with animation and rendering. They are usually so good that people are additionally attracted to these games because of them. They can be so real that you may find yourself yelling and cheating for your dog, forgetting that they aren’t real animals.

And finally, you should know that these races are always determined by a random generator, so there is no room for manipulation or for questioning the fairness of it. The softer will take the odds into consideration, but just like in the real world, the favorite won’t always be the winner.

Virtual greyhound cons

Now, because of the fact that these virtual greyhound races are much more frequent than the ones in real life, there is a bigger chance you will lose control over yourself and place multiple bets, which may end up with you losing a lot of money at once. That’s why it is extremely important to be aware of this as a potential problem.

The second disadvantage to virtual greyhound races is that there is no room for analysis and statistics. You won’t be able to get a conclusion on how good your dog is based on its famous predecessors or its previous races.

And the thing that’s a real turn-off for some is the fact all of this ain’t real. The dogs, the race, the surroundings, anything, so people who are into real live sports betting may feel a bit betrayed or scammed. Also, some of them claim the lack of a real racing atmosphere is another thing that’s disappointing.


Both pros and cons regarding virtual greyhound racing are valid. Those are relevant things to consider before engaging in this type of betting in order to understand what is that you can and cannot expect. We believe virtual greyhound is only going to expand more and attract more and more fans because of its authenticity and fairness, but the truth is it’s never going to be everybody’s cup of tea.